This is a product designed for the transactional needs of both formal and informal groups, such as VICOBAs, small entrepreneurs and co-workers. These are personal groups formed by some people with a purpose to help each other in different areas socially, financially etc.

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How do I open my NBC Kikundi Account?

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1. The Kikundi constitution/Katiba ya Kikundi

The following must be stated in the constitution:

  • Purpose of the Kikundi/Lengo la Kikundi
  • Kikundi source of income or fund/Chanzo cha mapato cha kikundi
  • How the Kikundi operates/Jinsi kikundi kinavyojiendesha
  • Joining and exit of members/Kujiunga na kujitoa uanachama
  • Define quorum for decision making/Kuelezea idadi ya wanachama ili maamuzi yaweze kufanyika kama kikundi

2. The minutes of the meeting/Muhtasari wa kikao

The following must be stated in the minutes:

  • Members’ agreement to open an account with NBC/Wanachama kuafikiana kufungua akaunti NBC
  • Listing of all leaders and their capacities in the group/Orodha ya majina ya viongozi wa kikundi na vyeo vyao
  • Listing of appointed signatories to allow payments/Orodha ya majina ya watia sahihi kuidhinisha mihamala kufanyika
  • Signatures of the chairperson and secretary for the group/Zisainiwe na mwenyekiti na katibu wa kikundi

3. List of all members of the group/Orodha ya majina ya wanakikundi

The following must be captured:

  • Full names of each member/Majina kamili ya kila mwanachama
  • Capacity in the group/Cheo au wadhifa katika kikundi
  • Each member’s occupation/Shughuli anayofanya kila mwanakikundi
  • Each member’s nationality/Uraia wa kila mwanakikundi
  • Each member’s residence/Makazi ya kila mwanakikundi

4. Documentations to be submitted by:

(i) Leaders/Viongozi (Chairperson/Mwenyekiti, Secretary/Katibu, Treasurer/Mwekahazina):

  • Customer IDs, e.g. driver’s licence, voter’s ID, passport, national ID
  • Proof of residence from Ward Executive Officer (WEO)

(ii) Signatories:

  • Customer IDs showing photo, date of birth and signature, e.g. driver’s licence, voter’s ID, passport, national ID
  • Proof of residence from Ward Executive Officer (WEO) or Village Executive Officer (VEO)
  • Customer photos
  • Contact details (to be captured in the form)
  • Signatures (to be captured in the form)
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  • Fixed interest rate of 3% accruing daily, paid monthly
  • Ability to deposit any time through wallet-to-bank facility
  • Cheque book available for Kikundi transactions
  • Free monthly eStatement
  • No monthly maintenance fee
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  • Minimum group of 4 people
  • No maximum limit number of people
  • Minimum operating balance TZS30,000
  • No ATM card
  • SMS alerts
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Important information

With the NBC Kikundi Account, group members are able to deposit money to their account at their convenience through M-wallets, such as M-Pesa, tigo pesa and airtel. 

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