This is a product designed for the transactional needs of both formal and informal groups, such as Village Community Banks (VICOBA), small entrepreneurs and co-workers. These are personal groups formed by some people with a purpose to help each other in different areas socially, financially etc.


How do I open my NBC Kikundi Account?

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Opening NBC Kikundi Account

Simply complete our online form and we will contact you, or visit your nearest branch.

1. Kikundi constitution clearly states the following

  • Purpose of the group
  • Source of income or funds for the group
  • How the Group operates
  • Criteria for members to join and exit the group
  • Defined quorum for decision making

2. Minutes of the meeting that clearly state the following:

  • Members’ agreement to open an account with NBC
  • Listing of all group leaders and their levels
  • Listing of appointed signatories to allow payments
  • Signed minutes by the chairperson and secretary for the group

3. List of all group members captures the following:

  • Full names of each group member and their role in the group
  • Each member’s occupation
  • Each member’s nationality
  • Each member’s residence

4. Documentations to be submitted by group leaders (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer):

  • One of the below listed Identity Cards.
    • Driver’s licence
    • Voter’s ID
    • Passport
    • National ID
  • Proof of residence from Ward Executive Officer (WEO)

5. Documentations to be submitted by Signatories:

  • One of the below listed Identity Cards:
    • Driver’s licence
    • Voter’s ID
    • Passport
    • National ID
  • Proof of residence from Ward Executive Officer (WEO) or Village Executive Officer (VEO)
  • 2 Full colour passport size photos
  • Contact details (to be captured in the application form)
  • Signatures (to be captured in the application form)
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NBC Kikundi Account gives you:
  • Attractive monthly interest rate to grow your balance
  • Ability to deposit cash any time using your mobile phone, our ATMs and branches
  • Cheque book for Kikundi transactions
  • Free monthly bank statement sent to you by email
  • Zero monthly maintenance fee
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  • Minimum number of four members per group
  • No maximum limit on the number of members
  • No ATM card
  • SMS alerts
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Important information
  • A minimum of FOUR members can open an NBC Kikundi account
  • No debit card
  • You will receive SMS alerts for every transaction done on your Kikundi Account

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