We provide financial market solutions to help manage Forex, interest rates, commodity prices and liquidity risks.

Spot Foreign Exchange

Buy or sell foreign currency at an agreed rate for delivery in two business days.

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Walk-in FX

Buy or sell foreign currency even if you don’t bank with us.

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Risk Management Products

Help to understand and assess your exposure to FX risk.

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Fixed Income

Buy or sell government bonds in both the primary and secondary markets.

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We are your partner for all your FX requirements

Get the best foreign exchange rates.

Manage liquidity and diversify your investments.

Hedge against the negative impact of FX rate fluctuations.

Easily project cash flows for effective and accurate budgeting.

The NBC Forex market

Foreign exchange options

Manage liquidity effectively with NBC currency options.

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Foreign Exchange Forwards

Forward Exchange Contracts help protect against fluctuations in Forex rates.

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