It’s so easy to run to the ATM when you need quick cash, but there’s so much more to these clever machines. See how they can make your life easier with cash deposits, payments, transfers and prepaid purchases.

What you can do

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Cash deposits

NBC has 90 cash-accepting ATMs where anyone can deposit cash into an NBC account – even without an ATM card. All you need, is the account number. This means:

  • Money can be paid directly into your NBC account
  • The person paying you do not need to have an NBC account
  • Easily pay for goods or debts directly to an NBC account
  • Deposit your daily sales cash to your NBC account at any time
  • Send money to your loved ones anywhere by depositing to their NBC accounts any time
  • The NBC ATMs are accessible and working even after midnight
  • Instantly get a receipt confirming your deposit
  • Easily check your balance on your phone via mobile banking or online banking
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Airtime recharge

Our ATMs allows you to purchase airtime for your mobile phone at any time. This means that anyone with an NBC debit card can immediately, and at any convenient time, buy airtime at any NBC ATM without having to handle cash or buy recharge vouchers.

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Cash Popote

Did you know you can send money to friends and family even if they don’t have NBC bank account? Plus, they don’t need a debit card to withdraw the cash. All they need is a mobile phone.

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