As a member of NBC B-Club, you enjoy exclusive access to a variety of banking and value-added services. All meant to give your business the support it needs to grow.


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Benefits of the NBC Business Club

NBC Business Club members get access to the following banking services:

  • Banking services in 50 branches and more than 200 ATMs
  • Deposit ATMs where you can deposit cash to any NBC account at any time even at midnight
  • Transacting via NBC Online and Mobile Banking services
  • Access to Private & Privilege Centres in all NBC branches  

Get access to the following value added services:

  • Networking seminars
  • Local, regional and international business trips
  • Business trade fairs and annual trade expos
  • Business-to-business meetings
  • Business support trainings with NBC partners (professional and specialized partners in local and international business, Tax and goods standards)
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Important information
  • Stand-alone Club fee
  • Discounted interest rate on loans
  • Preferential interest rate on fixed deposits.
  • Club is open to all Business & SME customers
  • Club entry and identification is via a card and app
  • Access to Club services only for active NBC B-Club members  (those who have paid their membership fees)

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