Our primary focus is on serving you our customer and ensuring you have access to safe and convenient services during this COVID-19 period.


Cybercriminals take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to devise new scams. Remain extra vigilant, especially when responding to emails, giving out confidential information or clicking on links.

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Mobile banking app

Enjoy the convenience of banking from the comfort of your home or anywhere. Transfer funds to account at local banks, Pay bills, pay for government services using control number, Check your account balances, purchase airtime for all local mobile networks, View and print account statements and whole lot more.

Simply download the latest version of NBC app from App Store or Google Play and complete your banking whenever you need to. Use your Online Banking login credentials to log in. 

Never share your card PIN, card CVV, card one-time PIN (OTP), online banking PIN or online banking password with anyone.  Visit our security center for more information.      

Internet banking

Manage most of your banking without visiting a branch. Register for NBC online banking and enjoy the convenience of banking wherever and whenever you want to.

Easily set a standing order in case you have monthly transfer from your account to other accounts. Can be to your suppliers, or any service provider that you need to pay on monthly basis. You don’t need to manually transfer the funds anymore, just set it on your NBC Internet Banking.  Transfer funds, pay bills, request statements and a whole lot more. 

You can register yourself online, using your account number. Once you are registered, you can simply log in.

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Never share your card PIN, card CVV, card one-time PIN (OTP), online banking PIN or online banking password with anyone. Visit our security center for more information.

NBC Kiganjani *155*55#

With NBC Kiganjani, Dial *150*55# to purchase airtime, pay bills (water, electricity, Government Payments-GePG), send money to Mobile Money (Mpesa, Tigopesa, AirtelMoney) and Interbank transfers between NBC and non-NBC accounts  through your mobile phone conveniently wherever you are.

Join NBC mobile Banking services by visiting NBC branches or dialing +255 768 984 000 / +255 225 522 000.     

Try one of our other digital banking solutions

NBC Pendo ChatBot is a virtual assistant that’s online 24/7, ready to answer the most commonly asked questions about our products and services. Start chatting right away by clicking here.

NBC Pendo ChatBot also works on WhatsApp. Simply send a message directly to +255745000001 and text Helloto start communicating to your own virtual assistant.    

Branch operations

We will remain open for all critical services. However, we encourage customers to make use of our convenient NBC Kiganjani services that are available 24/7. These include: NBC Wakala, deposit and withdraw ATMs, NBC Mobile Banking, NBC App and NBC Online Banking

  • All Private Banking suites remain open 
  • All relationship managers and officers are available telephonically
  • Please contact us on our dedicated call centre: +255 768 984 000 / +255 225 522 000 or email contact.centre@nbc.co.tz
How we are supporting our Retail customers
  • Enjoy free bill, payments to government offered services and airtime purchase by paying directly from your NBC account using NBC Kiganjani services
  • Get an opportunity to win TZS10,000 everyday by purchasing airtime, bill payments and Cash Popote fund transfer, paying for government offered services, fund transfer to phone numbers or accounts to other banks directly from your NBC account. Those with highest daily transactions, wins
  • You are able to transfer up to TZS 10million per day from your account to other banks’ account
  • You can transfer up to TZS 4 Million per day from your NBC account to mobile phones (all local mobile networks)
  • The new NBC Pendo ChatBot, a virtual assistant, is available 24/7 to answer your frequently asked questions.    
How we are supporting our Business and
Corporate and Investment Banking customers  
  • Freedom to make bulk mobile payments to your employees to their phones anytime, anywhere using your phone or computer through NBC Internet Banking
  • NBC Internet Banking allows you to pay bills, government services, products or supplies using your phone or computer at your convenient time. 
Most frequently asked questions
  • 1. What do we tell our customers about COVID-19 in general?

    The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the spread thereof remains a local and global concern. Having been declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and noted the interventions announced by The Prime Minister Hon. Kassim Majaliwa, we consider COVID-19 to be a very serious public health issue, that all of us have a responsibility to prevent from spreading.

    In order to minimize and reduce the risk of potential infections, we decided to implement many of  the recommended social distancing measures advised by local and international authorities in an effort to slow down the infection rate in the country and ensure our medical systems are not over-burdened under the increased demands of the outbreak.

    With this objective in mind, we would like to recommend to our customers, clients, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that, they should reduce and where possible avoid face-to-face meetings and instead have meetings via telephone or video conferencing. Should a face-to-face meeting be essential, we will follow health and safety guidelines that have been prescribed and adopted. We kindly request you to please be vigilant and follow our channel security protocols as fraudsters will be looking for weak links in the process.

    The Bank remains in a surplus capital position, well in excess of Regulatory minimums, and at the top end of the Board target range; which is a target designed to absorb a severe market wide stress. The Bank also remains in a surplus liquidity position, in excess of regulatory minimums. We continue to monitor updates from the Ministry of Health to ensure that we do our bit as a responsible corporate citizen to help arrest and control the spread of this pandemic. We hope to rely on your co-operation and continued support as our valued partners through this critical time. I would like to thank you for your patience, contribution and loyalty over this period.

    In the view of the situation at hand, we would like to offer further clarity on some concerns that you might have. We have also received questions that we believe might be of interest to you.

  • 2. Are we planning to close down or reduce some banking services?

    The bank has no plans to close down the banking services. We are keen to ensure we work closely with our customers throughout this pandemic period, to achieve this the, bank has taken necessary measures to ensure our business continuity plans are tested and ready to be deployed when required. We continue to encourage our customers to use Digital and mobile banking services available to them to reduce visiting our branches.    

  • 3. How are you managing the Government advisory on prevention of Covid19?

    We have taken all the necessary  precautionary measures across all our customer touchpoints:

    • All our branches have been equipped with Hand sanitizers and running water and soaps for all walk in customers and employees as well. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning/disinfecting our branches.
    • The branches also practice social distancing with a floor manager who ensures that we maintain the distancing at all points of our branches, and we have also increased the frequency of cleaning/disinfecting our branches as we continue to educate and persuade our customers and clients to use our digital/online platforms.
    • The bank has cancelled all customer events henceforth in accordance with the Government advisory on minimizing crowds.
    • The bank also continues to educate its employees and customers on  the importance of maintaining advise from the Ministry of Health.    
  • 4. If there will be a lock-down of the country, will NBC continue to operate?

    Banking services is one among the critical services and therefore despite any changes that will be made, NBC will continue to offer banking services to customers. The only caution we would like to make is, the list of services that the bank will offer during the shutdown might be slightly limited to what we normally offer in the cause of normal business operation. The decision to remain might have dependency on regulatory directives that will also inform the bank’s decision.    

  • 5. Are you planning to issue any public notification to alert your bank customers about changes?

    We value our customers, and we continue to communicate and engage with them whenever necessary to be able to keep them informed. We  have already issued some direct communication to our customers through our  Relationship managers/Bank officers, SMS and  email communication, furthermore, NBC Keeps constant open line of communication with our customers, stakeholders and public.  

What we have done for the community
  • NBC has donated a total of TZS 80M to the Tanzania Relief Fund, as a contribution to the Government’s efforts to fight the spread of the pandemic.
  • We have donated a number of 261 reflector vests to the Benjamin Mkapa Foundation (BMF). The BMF is working together with the Association of Motorbike Drivers, who have organized for awareness campaign on Covid-19. A selected group of motorbike drivers will be wearing the reflector vests with a message on Covid-19 as they go around the streets to sensitize people on self-protection and awareness of the disease.  

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