Get access to a bigger customer market and generate more sales by accepting cards through NBC Point-of-Sale terminals. It’s an easy and more convenient way to receive secured payments. 


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Reduce risk

Take the burden of handling cash off your shoulders.

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More sales

Speed up the payment process at your pay points and open new sales.

Cashless services 

Enjoy the convenience and freedom of our cashless services.

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Secure your company

Protect your company from theft and fraud with cashless transactions.

Value-added services

We help you reconcile your account.

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Dedicated support

Receive reliable merchant services with 24-hour support from our Contact Centre.

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Get value for your company

NBC can provide you with one machine that accepts TZS and USD currencies. Our NBC POS services are flexible to meet your customer needs.

NBC offers Mobile GPRS Terminal POS

Key-entry POS machine

  • You do not need a card (i.e. a reservation can be done through mail before the client arrives). If the client postpones the trip, a refund is done through the POS machine or NCB backup system

Swipe-on POS machine

  • For a swipe-on transaction, the cardholder must be present during the transaction

We offer you mobile, wireless and better solutions, such as:

  • GPRS connectivity (Airtel or Vodacom network; an arrangement can be made for backup connectivity)
  • Energy storage of 3-5 hours
  • Large memory capacity
  • EMV 4.0 certificate with a chip facility
  • High-speed microprocessor
  • Large backlit LCD display for optimum viewing
  • Portable design (mobile and wireless)

We can offer you several machines, depending on your volume of transactions. Additionally, we can provide you with one machine that accepts both currencies.

Types of cards accepted
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • China UnionPay International

We will take the burden of handling cash off your shoulders

We service the most top merchants in this market and you could be one of those clients. Grow your company with NBC Merchant Services.

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We will provide you with a POS machine and training at no cost

NBC will provide you with the POS machine(s) at no cost. We will also cover the monthly cost for connectivity. After POS deployment, NBC will provide adequate training on operation of the machine and fraud control for your staff. Subsequent training will also be conducted by NBC in-line with industry updates and requirements.


We will charge you a relatively low commission of 2.5% for all transactions, but the rate is negotiable when the volume of transactions grow to a significant amount.

Payment and settlement

Our intention is always to settle payments as quickly as possible. Short turnaround time (TAT) is our standard and we consistently strive to maintain it.

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Chargeback and dispute handling

Chargeback is a dispute where the cardholder queries a transaction. We will handle chargebacks properly to ensure a fair resolution is reached as quickly as possible.

Customer support

We maintain 24-hour merchant support through the NBC Contact Centre. Get technical support as well as voice authorisation around the clock. If a malfunctioning machine cannot be restored immediately, the matter will be logged to an engineer and the terminal will be replaced. Our intention is to provide you with the most reliable merchant service available.

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Other services for merchant acquiring
  • Electronic system to assist with reconciliation
  • A special team responsible for managing system and all issues regarding card transactions
  • Monthly statement of card transactions to help with reconciliation
  • Regular calls and visits to resolve your problems and get direct feedback from you

Get started and grow your company

When you start out, we will give you an application form and the agreement. Complete the forms and send us the signed agreement.

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Onboarding requirements

The following requirements will be required from you:

  • Memorandum
  • Business licence
  • Tax identification number
  • Six months’ statements or financial projection in case of a new business
  • A financial audit for big businesses
  • Annual returns from BRELA (Business Registration and Licensing Agency) or receipt of registration from BRELA
  • Board resolution to operate a POS machine
  • Identity documents of the board of directors
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  • Reducing the cost and risk of handling cash
  • Opening new sales opportunities to an increasing portion of customers who prefer to purchase of goods and services cashless
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Important information

Open a Corporate Current Account today to qualify for this valuable service.

Our customers:

  • Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Tours and safaris
  • Beauty salons
  • Barber shops
  • Gem stores

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