Get access to a bigger customer market and generate more sales by accepting cards through NBC Point-of-Sale terminals. It’s an easy and more convenient way to make a secured payment. 


Our corporate and investment banking benefits

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Cash flow

Ensures good cash flow management.

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Affordable financing compared to overdrafts.


Increase your bargaining position.

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Negotiate better buyer contract terms than your competitors.

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Fund your working capital by receiving funds in advance.

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We will help you manage the risk of importing or exporting

With a Letter of Credit, the payment risk is effectively transferred to NBC. You can therefore negotiate better price discounts with your suppliers or request extended credit terms to help improve your own cash flow.

Import Letter of Credit Export Letter of Credit

This is an irrevocable undertaking, given by NBC as the 'Issuing Bank' at your request an importer to pay your beneficiaries or suppliers against the presentation of the compliant documents.


  • Maintain control over transactions
  • A Letter of Credit is irrevocable, so none of the conditions or terms (such as latest date for shipment, payment terms and specific documentary requirements) can be changed except upon agreement of the Issuing Bank, Confirming Bank (if any) and beneficiary before they can be revised

In this case, an applicant or buyer (your customer) is issuing a Letter of Credit from his bank to you through NBC (as advising bank) and we will check for its apparent authenticity. If deemed to be authentic, we will notify or advise you as a beneficiary of the necessary actions to be taken.


  • You are assured of payments from your buyers or customers upon your presentation of compliant documents

Let us help you keep your company cash flow healthy

With NBC Bonds/Guarantees you are ensured of getting paid even if a seller or buyer fails to meet his contractual obligation. NBC offers several types of irrevocable guarantees that pay a sum of money in the event of non-performance of a contract by a third party. 

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NBC offers you several kinds of Bonds/Guarantees, including:
  • Bid Bond/Guarantees
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Shipping Guarantees
  • Custom Bonds
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Retention Guarantee, etc. 

Receive and make import and export payments safely

Ensure more secure payments and better control over shipped goods with import and export bills for collection.

Import Bills for Collection Export Bills for Collection

NBC Import Bills for Collection are a safe and secure method of sourcing products worldwide.

Since documentation is handled by the bank, you can:

  • Negotiate for better credit terms (e.g. making payments 30 days later)
  • Only make payments when the goods have been shipped

Receive payment for goods you export with an export bill. We ensure that buyers only take delivery of goods when the documents of title have been released by their bank.

Documentary collections are a more secure method of payment than open account trading because:

  • Transactions are handled through the banking channels
  • Documents are only released upon instruction


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Meet your immediate import payment obligations

Manage risks, negotiate better credit terms and reduce pressure on your cash flow when you use any of our NBC Trade Finance products.

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NBC Post-Import Loan

A short-term cash advance (with recourse) that covers immediate payment obligations.


  • Improved cash flow management
  • More financial resources to assist with port clearing, storing and selling
  • Reimburse suppliers on a sight basis or when tenor is due
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NBC Import Invoice Financing

Raise short-term finance using commercial invoices and transport documents under open account transactions


  • Better cash flow
  • Lower finance costs compared to an overdraft facility
  • Reimburse suppliers on a sight or on a matured obligations (usance) basis
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NBC Pro forma Invoice Financing

Advance funds to sellers prior to shipment of the goods.


  • Better cash flow
  • Streamline the transaction process
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NBC Pre-Shipment Finance

Capital finance provided to an exporter (on a with-recourse basis) against either a sales contract, purchase order or a Letter of Credit.


  • Access to funds in advance
  • Lower financing cost than an overdraft
  • Ability to negotiate better contract terms
  • Available in local and foreign currencies

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NBC Invoice Discounting

Ideal when you are selling goods on open-account basis and give your buyers credit terms.


  • Raise short-term finance using commercial invoices and transport documents
  • Available for domestic or cross-border trading


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Export Bills Discounting

Enables you to obtain funds in advance.


  • Improved cash flow
  • Streamline your trading process

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