With over 20 years’ experience, NBC offers you a wide range of insurance options to cover your loved ones and possessions.

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Expert advice

We have more than 20 years’ insurance experience.

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You choose the cover that suits your pocket and your needs.

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Speed and accuarcy is our language when processing your claims. Simply download, complete and send us the appropriate claim form.


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Affordable cover on or off road with NBC car insurance

Cover your car against accidents, damage, theft and claims from third parties with our affordable car insurance options.

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Cover against theft, fire or accidental damage and third-party claims against you for bodily injury or damage to property.

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Third party, fire and theft

Cover against theft, fire damage and third-party claims (when the accident is your fault).

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Third party only

Cover against third-party claims when your car is in an accident that is your fault.

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Cover your home inside and out with NBC insurance

We will not only cover your home from floor to roof, inside and out, but also your precious belongings.

Benefits of NBC Home Insurance

Covers you against:

  • Damage to building structure
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings
  • Loss due to fire or burglary
  • Damage or loss of household contents

Also included:

  • All-risk cover
  • Liability insurance

Safeguard your family with NBC Life Insurance

Ensure that your family’s future is secure, whatever happens. We offer insurance cover against death, disability and retrenchment.

We help you secure your family’s future

With various insurance products included in our NBC current and loan accounts, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your debt will be covered if anything should happen to you.

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    Funeral insurance for Ordinary Savings

    Offered as benefit to our Ordinary Savings Account holders in the event of death.

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    Takaful funeral insurance for Islamic Banking

    Offered as a benefit to our La Riba Savings Account holders in the event of death.

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    Group accident & funeral insurance for NBC Direct

    Offered to our Direct Account holders in the event of accidental death or disability due to an accident.

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    Group accident & funeral insurance for NBC Affluent

    Offered to all our Affluent Account holders in the event of accidental death or disability due to an accident.

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    Group accident & funeral insurance for NBC Privilege

    Offered to our Privilege Account holders in the event of accidental death or disability due to an accident.

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    Credit Life Insurance

    Available to our customers with group loan, term loan, overdraft and home loan facilities to pay the outstanding loan amount in the event of accidental death or disability.

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    Retrenchment Cover

    Covers loan instalments in the event of the life insured being retrenched and being unemployed for more than 30 continuous days.

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    Mortgage Protection Scheme

    Cover in the event of the life insured being unemployed for a period of more than 30 continuous days. The insurer will pay the loan instalments on behalf of the borrower for a maximum of nine months.

  • Make sure your children get the education they deserve. The NBC Education Care Plan allows you to save for and protect the future education of your children.

    How do I get NBC Educare?

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    Get started

    Simply complete our online form and we will contact you, or visit your nearest branch.

    Bring the following when you apply

    • Verification of your physical address from your ward executive
    • Completed application letter with a full-colour passport-sized photo
    • Copy of ID
    • Introduction letter from your employer
    • Three most recent salary slips
    • Last six months’ bank statements
    • Employment contract (for contractual employees only)
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    • It’s the clever way to start saving for your child’s future education today
    • Includes life and disability insurance – should something happen to you, your children’s education will be protected
    • Enjoy protection against rising education costs
    • Choose the amount of life cover you want (from TZS3.5 million to TZS50 million)
    • Make partial withdrawals from time to time
    • If you surrender or terminate the plan before the end of the term, the full fund value will be paid. You will not pay any penalties
    • In the event that one of the covered children dies, the policyholder can choose to receive the full benefit and when this happens the policy will be terminated
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    Important information
    • You need to be between 18 and 60 years old to take out an Education Care Plan
    • The plan must be taken out for a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of 18 years
    • The minimum monthly payment is TZS7,500 with no maximum limit

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