Our innovative business solutions allow you to undertake various transactions anywhere in the world. Apply now and streamline you business banking.


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Bank without boundaries

Transact online anytime, anywhere.

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Pay in bulk

 Make seamless payments directly to multiple beneficiaries.

Secure file exchange

Ensure information transmitted between you and NBC is secure with File Gateway.

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Manage your business finances on the move

Our business internet banking allows you to undertake various transactions online, anywhere in the world. Making your business banking a lot easier, convenient and enjoyable.

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  • Access account information, e.g. balances and statements
  • Process online payments, e.g. Tanzanian inter-bank settlements (TISS) or international payments
  • Process bulk payments for dividends, salaries and supplier payments all at once
  • Transfer funds to your own accounts within NBC
  • Transfer multiple real-time transactions to domestics banks
  • Initiate any type of payment (cross-border, domestic Automated Clearing House (ACH), TISS, own payments, payroll)
  • Initiate a payment direct to the Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) to any TRA account maintained at Central Bank
  • Access anywhere, anytime (inside or outside the country) as long as you have an internet connection
  • Access to multiple internet browsers
Important information
  • We have an online banking service for business clients via a secure NBC website
  • It uses two-factor authentication (2FA), username, password and a physical token that generates a one-time password (OTP)

Make mobile bulk payments with just one click

Apply for the NBC Mobile Bulk Payment system and enjoy seamless and instant bulk payments directly to multiple beneficiaries, including employees who don’t have bank accounts.

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Simply visit your nearest branch.

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  • Seamless 'Straight-Through Processing' (STP) of payments
  • Automated reconciliation of multiple transactions
  • Efficient handling of multiple transactions
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Mobile Cashless Collections

  • Receive funds directly from your debtors’ mobile wallets into your collection account

Mobile Bulk Payments

  • Make payments directly from your NBC account into your beneficiaries’ mobile wallets

M-Pesa/Tigo Pesa Super Agency

  • The Super Agency service facilitates the purchase of electronic money/value for cash, or vice versa from any of our branches or mobile money agents. NBC works with both Vodacom Tanzania PLC and Tigo (Millicom Tanzania) to provide float to their agents

More security and efficiency with File Gateway 

NBC File Gateway provides an easier and integrated method for exchanging files between us and your office. You also get authentication and verification, plus optional encryption to ensure confidentiality.

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Get started
  • Simply visit your nearest branch
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  • Seamless and integrated 'Straight-Through Processing' (STP)  
  • Ensure information transmitted between you and NBC is secure
  • Supports industry standard file formats 
  • Real-time and detailed status reporting of file, batch and transaction
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Important information

Host-to-Host solution offers two functionalities:

Information Account Statement File Transfer:

  • Files sent from the NBC system to your system with details of transactions that have been posted to your account, e.g. report of successful payments


  • Payment files sent from your system to the NBC system for processing and payment. The payments are generated and authorised by your Enterprise Resource Programme

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